I make images, videos and installation works that describe vivid atmospheric and abstract environments. Constructed spaces, decay, familiar yet strange forms, and elastic time and scale are common themes in my work.

My work utilises technology and methods from my background in architecture and animation and applies these in aberrant ways. The resultant works are polished, yet also suggest a rough immediacy built up of layers of experimentation. 

I work with musicians to create vibrant synchronised musical and visual experiences, bridging the video-art and music-video divide. My work has featured on Dazed and Confused, The Fader, Post Matter, The Creators Project, Rhizome and Channel 4 UK. I have exhibited work at Sawtooth Gallery Launceston, Gasworks Melbourne and The Sydney Contemporary Art Fair. 

Alongside my art practice I was Director of visualisation studio Squint/Opera Australia before founding Studio Magnified and its sister creative technology business Unsigned Studio which were both acquired by Aurecon in March 2017. 

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